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I came to Ireland in 2005 for a short term contract to repair old houses. Although my profession was electrician, I always worked as a self-employed builder. After the job failed a friend offered me a kitchen porter job in School House Hotel in Dublin. It was there my passion for cooking emerged after a chance was given to me to improve and grow... I finally found myself. I spent a few years around Midlands after that, working as a chef in hotels and building my skills.

In 2010 my friend Betty told me about a coffee shop for rent in a small town called Loughrea. At that time I was already fed up with the impersonal hotel-cooking for masses and really loved the idea to give it a try. On the other hand I realised I could not do it on my own. And then Jirka called out of nowhere with exactly the support I needed. With the support of Jirka, our common friend Keong and our closest friends, Taste Matters was born.

I came to Dublin, Ireland in 2005 for experience and to improve English, and found myself a job in a bank, while previously, back in Czech Republic, I worked in export-inport. We met with Michal in a house we shared and became friends.

Two years later I Ieft to Singapore to work for the same bank for over 3 years, until I finally realised the banking career was not for me. It was at that time a friend told me about a small coffee shop in Loughrea which closed and was available for rent. I decided to pursue my life-long dream of having a restaurant, contacted Michal, who at that time was a second chef in a busy hotel, and with help and support of my girlfriend and a good friend Keong, Taste Matters was born. I flew back to Ireland in 2010 to open the restaurant with Michal.

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